Anatomy of a Homepage

Anatomy of a Homepage

There is some debate as to the importance of homepages on the modern internet. We would suggest that the homepage is still viable. Your homepage often functions as the gateway to your business. Sure you can have multiple landing pages that promote aspects of your business but there is only one page that will give the overall scope and range of what you are offering.  Therefore, homepages in our opinion matter in the User Experience(UX) design, brand aesthetics and overall Search Engine Optimization(SEO) of your site. To that end, we should consider the anatomy of the homepage as critical to the success of your business.

The Anatomy


Headers contain critical informationa about your brand and function of the site. The main elements begin the logo and main navigation of the site. The logo is esential the brand experience for your customer. At a glance, the customer will know who your are and what colors are associated to your brand. These colors have a impact on your customer psycology in many ways.

The main navigation speaks to the UX design of your site. Your customers will gain confidence as the topics of your site through a quick study of the navigation. As well the navigation can help you design elements and section of your homepage to further concerte the main themes and concepts of your site in the users mind.