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Are you struggling to design a top-notch ecommerce website that reels in customers? The secret lies in understanding that an outstanding ecommerce site is not just aesthetically appealing, but easy-to-use and highly functional too.

This blog post will guide you through essential elements of effective ecommerce web design, providing expert insights on building trust with customers, simplifying navigation, enhancing mobile responsiveness, and more.

So stay hooked as we navigate the roadmap to creating compelling ecommerce websites together!

Key Takeaways

  • Good web designs use colors, fonts and images to draw in buyers. They show a brand’s style and fill customers with trust.
  • Websites should work well on both phones and computers. To do this, designers need to make sure that buttons are big enough for fingers on touch screens.
  • Clear navigation is key in website design. This includes simple menus and lists that help shoppers find what they want quickly.
  • Successful e – commerce websites must have SEO incorporated into their design (SEO helps your site appear higher in search results), which can lead to more visitors, sales, and profits.

Elements of Great E-commerce Website Design

Diverse group shopping on sleek, modern e-commerce website.

A great e-commerce website design is more than just attractive visuals, it incorporates essential elements to establish customer trust, ensure a visually compelling experience with responsive capabilities for mobile and desktop, and foster clear navigation.

Building trust with the customer

Trust is key in any store, and the same goes for online shops. A safe website can make a shopper feel at ease. This means having clear return policies and easy ways to reach customer support.

It’s also important for your site to have trusted badges like “Secure” or “Verified”. Showing real reviews from other buyers can also help build trust. Try not to hide anything from your customers; they value honesty above all else.

Creating a visually compelling experience

A good ecommerce website design should catch the eye. It uses colors, fonts, images and graphics to draw in customers. Picking the right set of these can turn a casual browser into a die-hard shopper.

The choices you make here show your brand’s identity to site visitors. Great display leads to trust and keeps people coming back for more shopping fun. Creating such experiences also means your design works well on both desktops and mobile devices like phones or tablets.

Responsive design for mobile and desktop

People shop on both phones and computers. Your ecommerce website needs to look good and work well on all screen sizes. This is what we call a responsive design. It helps keep shoppers happy, no matter how they visit your online store.

Making buttons big enough for fingers on phone screens is one part of it. Images, texts, menus should also adjust based on the device type or screen size used by visitors.

Clear navigation

Easy to use navigation is key for any e-commerce website. It helps shoppers find what they want fast. This means clear, simple menus and lists. Good navigation keeps people from getting lost or frustrated.

A well-designed search bar can also improve how users navigate your site. Use product categories to help guide visitors towards what they are looking for. All the top pages on your online store should be easy to reach.

E-commerce Website Design Services by Savvy Gents

An elegant online store interface showcasing visually appealing product displays.

Savvy Gents is a gifted team of ecommerce web designers. They build online stores that turn visitors into loyal shoppers. Their focus is on using colors, fonts, images, and words in smart ways.

This approach creates trust between the online store and its visitors.

Many things can make an ecommerce website fail or fly. Quality of products, good shipping costs and solid return rules are key parts among them. Savvy Gents knows these factors well.

Their designs match brand style so buyers feel at home with the site. From page load to check out, they provide seamless shopping for customers.

Inspiring E-commerce Website Design Examples

Explore a hand-picked selection of standout e-commerce website designs that set the bar high for visual appeal, user experience, and functionality. Our list features Thesus known for its clean design and user-friendly interface; Allbirds offering an immersive shopping experience through vivid imagery; Azteca Soccer impressing with interactive product showcases; Bliss standing out with a minimalist yet enticing site design, and Bon Bon Bon tempting visitors with their delectable chocolate displays.

Get inspired by these brilliant examples to elevate your own e-commerce website design game.


Thesus is a great example of top-notch ecommerce design. Its clean and simple look makes shopping easy for users. Big, bold pictures show off the items for sale in a nice way. The site also works well on both phones and computers due to its responsive design.

It wins trust by showing real customer reviews of each product clearly on the page. The search function at Thesus is quick and finds what you need right away. Therefore, it shows how good website design can help turn people who just stop by into loyal shoppers.


Allbirds shows how to make great ecommerce web design. Its simple, clean style does all the right things. The site uses nice colors and easy-to-read fonts. It offers clear images of its products up close so you can see all the details.

Not only that, but it also has a user-friendly layout that works on both mobile and desktop devices. Buying stuff from Allbirds is quick and straightforward as trust plays an important role here with secure checkout options in place.

Customers know what they get when shopping at this top-notch ecommerce website!

Azteca Soccer

Azteca Soccer sticks out in ecommerce design. Its site gets players excited to shop for new gear. Bright images show soccer balls, shoes, and other items. The colors used are very bold.

Shoppers can find what they need fast with easy-to-use menus. There are buttons that lead straight to deals and new styles. They even have an option to shop by brand, which makes it easier for loyal fans of certain brands.

This DIY ecommerce design gives a fun way to buy all your soccer needs online!


Bliss is a great example of ecommerce design. The website uses bright colors and bold fonts to grab your attention. This helps them stand out as fun and fresh.

They also use clear and simple pictures to show what they sell. You know right away what you can buy from Bliss because their products are easy to see on the home page. Their use of space makes the site feel clean, sleek and trendy.

They have made shopping quick and painless with a simple checkout process too! There’s no fuss or long waits; just pick your items, go straight to pay, and you’re done. This shows that Bliss takes care in making sure customers find it easy to shop at their online store.

Bon Bon Bon

Bon Bon Bon is a sweet example of the best ecommerce design. It’s all about fun and flavor, just like its chocolates. The site uses bold colors and big images to keep you engaged. You can clearly see each tiny candy piece they sell.

They let you know where their shop is and how to contact them. This makes it feel safe to buy from them. Plus, the site works well on both phones and computers. Everything is easy to find so shopping at Bon Bon Bon is simple!

Best Tips for E-commerce Website Design

In designing a successful e-commerce website, it’s crucial to keep the design simple and intuitive, effectively express your brand identity, select an ecommerce platform that suits your business needs, upload high-quality images for clear product representation and concentration should be given on seamless checkout procedures to enhance user experience.

Keep it simple

Your website should be easy to use. Too many designs or hard words can make things tough for your customers. Stick to simple layouts and clear labels. Use only what you need – focus on showing off your brand and products in a clean, inviting way.

This will help shoppers find what they want fast without any hassles or confusion. A plain design doesn’t mean it’s boring! In fact, an uncomplicated style lets the quality and value of your items shine through more than a busy or flashy one would do!

Express your brand

Your brand is a big part of who you are. It tells people what they can expect from you. In ecommerce, your brand should be seen everywhere on the site. This includes colors, styles, and words.

You want shoppers to know it’s your store when they see it. Use logos and images that show off your brand. Give value first then sell later with tasteful placement of products and offers.

Be bold in showcasing what makes you different from others.

Choose the right platform

Picking the right platform is a big deal. It’s like your shop’s foundation. A good one will help your store stand strong and work well. With so many platforms out there, you must choose wisely.

Some are easy to use but have limits on what they can do. Others give you lots of power but may be hard for some people to use. Your choice should fit how tech-savvy you are and the needs of your store.

Upload high-quality images

Using high-quality images can help your goods look better. Crisp and clear photos grab the attention of buyers. They show full details of what you’re selling. Thus, helping people make a buying choice easier.

Avoid blurry or dim pictures on your ecommerce site. Bad images can hurt buyer trust in your shop and products.

Focus on checkout

Make your checkout easy. A fast, simple checkout keeps buyers happy. Clear steps guide them to the end of their buy. Make it safe, too. A secure checkout shows your site can be trusted with their money and details.

This helps you sell more products and keeps customers coming back to you. Tip: add pictures of credit cards and safety seals at checkout for added trust!

Importance of SEO in E-commerce Website Design

SEO can help your e-commerce website get more visitors. If your site ranks high on search engines like Google, customers will find you quickly. This leads to a boost in sales and profits.

Besides getting more visitors, SEO also helps target the right ones. It reaches out to people who are already looking for the goods you sell.

Your brand gets more exposure too with good SEO practices. Your name becomes easy to see on the internet because of higher rankings. As a result, people trust your brand more and feel safer buying from it.


A great e-commerce website is key to selling. The right colors, fonts and images make the site enjoyable. It needs to be easy for people who shop on their phone or computer. In the end, put your time into a top-notch design.

Sell more on your dazzling online store!


1. What does an ecommerce design company do?

An ecommerce design company works on ecommerce design and development to build easy-to-use online shops.

2. How can a simple ecommerce design help my business?

A simple ecommerce design makes your website user-friendly, which helps customers find products easily and boost sales.

3. What services does an eCommerce design agency offer?

An eCommerce design agency follows best practices in web designing, ensuring high-quality online stores that are secure and easy to navigate for customers.

4. Why should I follow eCommerce design best practices when setting up my site?

Following eCommerce website layout rules leads you to successful sales because it creates a safe and straightforward shopping experience for buyers.

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