I met the Savvy Gents through an ad my assistant posted on Craigslist. Yes… you can find reliable contractors on Craigslist. What most lead me to respond to the Savvy Gents inquiry of my ad was that in their response, they answered all of my questions and complied with the requirements that I asked for in their initial email to me. That’s always the first sign you want to look for when you hire someone, “Can they follow my instructions?” Derrick scheduled an appointment with my assistant to speak with me and we hit it off from the start. I was so grateful to know that he was here in the United States and I would be able to contact him directly during the development and implementation of my site.

The site they design was only supposed to be a temporary site, but Chris and Derrick put so much work, technicality and effort into it, I’ve decided to keep it up. Not only have Savvy Gents designed my company site, they also will be designing my personal site because I enjoyed their professionalism, quick turn around and responsiveness that much. I even ended up going over budget (which was totally my fault) and they were so accommodating.

Coming from a relationship with my former web designer where he (and his design company) completely disappeared off the face of the earth, I was very skeptical in looking for a new firm to partner with. This is exactly why I am writing this review because I 1000% recommend Chris and Derrick of Savvy Gents web design.