Dr Met Biomedical

Dr Met Biomedical

DrMet Biomedical & Laser Services is a company that was established to serve the community providing low-cost and effective medical device repair and maintenance. A privately held business that has developed and maintained successful partnerships with our customers by keeping our resources streamlined. The skill level of our employees and the quality of customer service each facility receives is at the highest in the industry. The lack of downtime, excellent quality analysis reports, and employee satisfaction within these facilities are our true measure of success.

DrMet Provides Service On Patient Equipment To Help Ensure Safety For Patients And Staff.

  • Clinical Equipment Inventory and Maintenance at your facility with our qualified staff.
  • Biomedical Calibrations, Verification’s, and Testing as suggested by the Manufacturer performed on-site preventing downtime.
  • DrMet will make your medical equipment compliant with all Healthcare Accreditors, Federal, and State Regulatory Services.
  • Our CMMS Database Program allows us to keep an accurate inventory of medical devices as required by Center of Medicare Services. Scheduling of all equipment according to its priority and rating.

DrMet offers and easy solution for equipment that is easily shipped. We will email you a label and you can send your medical equipment in to us where we can calibrate, test, perform maintenance or repair most equipment. Equipment like:

  • Vital Sign Monitors
  • Bedside or Physiological Monitors
  • IV Pumps
  • Defibrillators and AED’s
  • Syringe Pumps
  • Modality Equipment


Dr Met Biomedical


23 September 2020


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