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Larson Construction Co., Inc. is pleased to introduce you to our company. We are a family-owned, full-service commercial and industrial general contractor, construction manager and design-builder.

A construction project is not just about a building. It involves collaboration between the owner, the architect, the subcontractors and numerous individuals to produce the quality craftmanship that LCCI is known for. The relationships built through LCCI’s 50+ years in business in Iowa is key to our continued success as we want every person to have a positive and motivated experience throughout the building process. Don't just take our word for it...


Our Approach

Whether our project delivery is construction management, design/bid/build, design/build, or as general contractor, we strive to instill the same qualities to every project. Our philosophy can be summarized by the following five words:


  • Listen & learn the programming needs as well as support owner phasing, training, warranty requirements & material turnover.
  • Educate & guide team players & owner representatives through the building process.
  • Adhere to milestones and schedules before, during and post construction.
  • Demonstrate with BIM, mock-ups, quality, safety, positive attitudes, & timely completion of projects.


Our team members have cross-trained in a variety of positions. This cross-training automatically produces the ability to think outside the box, which breaks the mold to create new ideas.


99 individuals are employed within our family-owned company  The diversity of our people gives LCCI opportunities and flexibility to offer to our project owners such as the ability to self-perform everything from design, steel fabrication and construction activities. This enhances control and access to get the project done in a timely manner.


The values of our family-owned company are shared with our employees. Our team exhibits these values throughout all phases of a project and beyond.


LCCI builds cohesiveness between the project team and between the LCCI team members. The cohesiveness starts with leadership. Our team members trust and know each other. LCCI leaders are experts in building trust and forming successful teams.


Larson Construction


05 May 2017


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