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Snap-Shot Services, LLC provides high quality exterior or interior/exterior real estate pictures for all of our bank and insurance clients.

We provide quality reports in a 3-day turnaround time meet client expectations. The ability to achieve this is throu gh our growing network of quality agents and our cl ient centered service portal.

Snap-Shot Services provides construction draw reports on both new residential construction and remodel projects. We carefully select experienced agents of the area to visit the site and collect progress updates accompanied by photos of the work to support their opinions. Agents continue visiting the properties and reporting updates until completion as needed. The progress updates and photos are combined with broad information of the status of the neighborhood into a printable and professional report.

Snap-Shot Services provides exterior and interior Property Site Inspections for both residential and commercial properties that adhere to the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines. With the help of expert on-site agents in a variety of areas, we compile details about the subject property including a condition status as well as a condition status of the surrounding area. Property information is combined with the exterior and/or interior photographs and then put into a clear, concise, and printable report. Exterior photographs consist of a front, right, left and street view of the property while interior photographs include a multitude of shots from inside the property. All Condition Inspections are completed in an efficient and timely manner.


Snapshot Services, LLC


15 June 2017


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