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Soar Blue Bluetique

SoarBlue is a liberal lifestyle store located in Fayetteville, Arkansas

SoarBlueoffers apparel, accessories, artwork & more! Our mission is to practice radical kindness, lead with love & bring awareness to social issues with positive messaging.

At SoarBlue, we create comfortable, attractive t-shirts that you want to wear again and again. Our apparel and artwork influence others through the positive messages and/or political stances of the Democratic Party. At SoarBlue, a portion of all sales goes to Democratic charities or organizations.

We believe that if we all practice radical kindness and love more, we can make the world a better place.

Here at SoarBlue, we are very conscious of the footprint we leave on the environment. To help reduce waste, we use eco-friendly packaging and create almost all of our merchandise in-house using sublimation printing. Sublimation printing uses a process where ink is transferred directly onto the garment, high levels of heat and pressure are then applied to cause the ink to instantly vaporize into a gas, allowing it to permanently bond with the garment. Because the sublimation ink bonds with the material, your item becomes permanently colored. No amount of washes, rinses, or fabric cleaners will remove the ink. The best part is, sublimation is eco-friendly! The dyes we use are free from heavy metals and other toxins, and sublimation doesn’t require the use of water like other screen-printing processes. Try out our buttery-soft tees for yourself, and see the amazing things we can do with sublimation!


Soar Blue Bluetique


29 June 2021


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