The Ouachita Podcasts

The Ouachita Podcasts

Welcome to The Ouachita Podcasts. A family of shows hosted by personalities who live in and around the Ouachita Mountain and Ouachita River regions of Arkansas. Each show, just like each host, is different, having its own identity and format. Entertaining and informing our listeners is our goal!

Podcasting site telling stories and news about the ouachitas region and the people from the region.

The Ouachita Mountains (/ˈwɒʃɪtɔː/), simply referred to as the Ouachitas, are a mountain range in western Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma. They are formed by a thick succession of highly deformed Paleozoic strata constituting the Ouachita Fold and Thrust Belt, one of the important orogenic belts of North America.[3] The Ouachitas continue in the subsurface to the northeast, where they make a poorly understood connection with the Appalachians and to the southwest, where they join with the Marathon uplift area of West Texas.[3] Together with the Ozark Plateaus, the Ouachitas form the U.S. Interior Highlands.[4] The highest natural point is Mount Magazine at 2,753 feet.[2][5]


The Ouachita Podcasts


08 January 2021


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