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There are many hosting providers to choose from, and finding the best web hosting for your website may be quite a challenging task. We have been operating in website business for more than 8 years, so we have tested a huge number of web hosting providers. We would like to encourage you to utilize our hosting and maintenance on our own managed and maintained servers.

We utilize Reliable Servers for hosting high performance CMS websites. All services Savvy Gents hosting is "Fully Managed". Everything is configured and maintained on our servers, including Linux, MySQL, Apache, PHP (LAMP) and also provide system users, permissions, backups, security updates, and others. Savvy Gents does the system management for their clients so they can focus on growing their online presence. As one of the few hosting providers to offer fully managed hosting, from small private virtual server plans up through the deployment of clustered hosting plans, we also provide hosting plans that will fit any website and budget.

Web Hosting Services

Fully ManagedManagedServer Hosting


Your data and customer experiences are preserved with reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions. With snapshot backups, you can breathe easy if the unexpected should happen. If you’ve ever hesitated to change your site out of fear of making a costly mistake, you’ll love snapshot backups. Restoring your site has never been easier.
Regular backups of your database and all of the content on your website.
Content management to update pages, posts, forms, images, menus, etc.
24/7 security for your website, including malware monitoring and protection from viruses and hackers.
Updates of your plugins and Joomla/WordPress core files, ensuring nothing breaks as a result.
Hosting on our super-fast server perfect for WordPress websites like yours.
Development for coding and design tweaks.
Offer CDN services via CloudFlare and StackPath.
Whatever your requirements we can tailor a package to suit you.

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